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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 6, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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email accounts have been hacked by russia, they say 3% of their email is down. all of this is breaking this afternoon. >> harris: a law to follow. house and senate floors are dealing with the college objection to certification in the state of arizona now. that's going to do it for us on "outnumbered overtime." i am harris and here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: hello, everyone. welcome to the daily briefing. you are watching an extraordinary day in washington, protest outside and inside they are debating after a challenge, the electoral college count. let's get a round of news. let's begin with john roberts live from the north lawn of the white house. >> good afternoon, we saw something rather extraordinary today, as martha maccallum pointed out, after four years of
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unsworn fidelity to president trump and his agenda, mike pence contradicting the president after the president said that he does have the authority to unilaterally either accept or reject the slate of electors that are presented by congress, or presented to congress. in a lengthy statement, two and a third pages the vice president sang "it is my considered judgment that my oath is to support and defend the constitution, it constrains me from authority to determine which vote should be counted and which should not." that really flew in the face of president trump, asking the vice president doing that during the rally, which the president said this, listen here. >> mike pence, i hope you're going to stand up for the good of our constitution and for the good of our country. and if you're not, i'm going to be very disappointed in you!
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>> i don't know if he was joking or if he wasn't when he was in georgia or the other night, he said it in a joking fashion but it didn't have the same tone he had on monday during that rally. the president really wants mike pence to intervene here and say, i'm rejecting slates of electors from several states and they'll keep the matter back to the state legislators to be decided, which would ultimately bring thanks to the supreme court. this is certainly a scenario the president's most ardent supporters including rudy giuliani have been pushing for, but there is no indication that the vice president may go down that road. the president is saying, telling those thousands of people at that massive rally earlier that he is never going to conceive this election. listen here. >> all of us here today do not want to see our election victory stolen by the radical left democrats, which is what they are doing and stolen by the fake
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news media! we will never give up. we will never concede. it doesn't happen. you don't concede to this theft. our country has had enough. we will not take it anymore. >> dana, at that event the president had praised his republik and colleagues like ted cruz, josh hawley, like the more than 100 members of the house republican caucus who were coming out and challenging the electoral college votes. he is called the republicans who say they will not challenge those be "surrender caucus." law does provide for these challenges to come forward. we saw it in 2000 and 2005 come again in 2016, this is taking it further, but it's likely this will not end up anything more tn these challenges being heard in the house and the senate and then being brought back for
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mike pence to do the final vote count here. which for all intents and purposes looks like it will end up with joe biden being the 46th president of the united states. >> dana: john roberts, thank you for the update. let's get more of the protest. that is where rich edson is. listening to you a few minutes ago, you had some pretty interesting updates. tense times on the capital. >> yeah, and it's still going on. you are looking now at the crowds that have approached the capitol building, they have gone up to the steps of the capitol building, they have walked a mile and a half down to the white house where president trump was speaking a short while ago. you have thousands upon thousands of supporters come here. there is lots of police activity on both sides, on the south side of the capital where the house
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office buildings are. there was an evacuation of the cannon house office building. we are hearing the all clear has been given for staffers to go back into the house office building. reentry has been authorized. you see police officers running throughout, reports of suspicious packages, people who were here looking to protest, but those who are pushing and trying to enter. we have heard flash bangs, we've seen tear gas fired by police officers come on that theme continues. to give a sense of the crowd, you've a massive crowd that goes to the capitol building, to the right side there, people are still coming. they are walking up pennsylvania avenue, they are walking their way through here to the capitol building. the crowd you are seeing now is growing. this is a very volatile
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situation, a lot of anger, with the proceedings. we continue to monitor it here. dana? >> dana: we will keep in touch with you. let's bring in our panel. martha maccallum and chris wallace. martha, i know you been on air all day, the fox audience appreciates that, but as we reset here at 2:00 p.m., we know the debate about the electoral college and the arizona results is happening right now as we speak. this could go on for a few hours. in the meantime you have the protests that are outside. let's get your initial thought. >> i think it's the drama and the history we are witnessing. we have watched people transition after people transition and our governments over many decades and what you have here is a very dramatic turn out at this protest. you have the president of united states who spoke to these
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crowds and said, i will not concede and believe he did not lose this presidential election and the people in that crowd believe that. and then you go inside the chamber and you may start division that has come between the trauma folks and the rest of the party, and that includes the united states. this must've been, perhaps the most difficult day of mike pence is a long, political career. former member of congress himself, and dna-based, vice president of the united states has been so incredibly loyal to president trump all throughout. he felt he had no other choice than to uphold his presiding duty and to preside over the certification that had already happened across the country, all of them acknowledging that there are deep questions about irregularities in this election and trying to answer that need that people have to get better
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answers on those questions. mitch mcconnell and mike pence are now in the same boat as far as the president is concerned and they have rejected his request. his circle has gone increasingly smaller, on the outside is very, very large. dana? >> dana: chris, maybe we could talk about that for a moment because for all of the concern about the constitution and the institution holds. >> that's exactly right. what we are talking about and what we are seeing today is the rule of the mob versus the rule of law and the constitution. you have the president for an hour on the ellipse filling a crowd with misstatements, with facts that have been absolutely treaded in state courts, federal courts, judges, by a conservative majority in the
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supreme court, by trump's own attorney general. he's a great popular man, 75 million people voted for him and when he said the election was stolen, people will believe him. meanwhile you have someone like mitch mcconnell who was about as conservative as it gets who is saying, this is the most important, consequential vote of my career. what he is standing up for is the rule of the constitution, the rule of the majority rules in this country. the fact is that joe biden won this election. every challenge, more than 50 challenges were all dismissed. and despite the fact that some people feel very strongly in the president urges them on, and you have a big unruly crowd on the steps of the capital, that doesn't change the constitution. we have this remarkable speech by ted cruz who claims to be
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such a constitutionalist, such a believer in the textual, originalist interpretation of the constitution, talking about, let's form a commission, five senators, five members of congress and five supreme court justices and we will decide the result of the election. it happened in 1877. in a very different time when there were states that weren't states, the electoral vote wasn't decided, they ended up making hayes president of united states. we want to return to that? four years from now it might be the republicans win and the democrats have a control of the congress and they sit there and say, let's have a commission and we will overturn 150 million
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people. what is going on here! it's pretty extraordinary. >> dana: we are watching the protesters, they have walked a mile to the capital, so they are on the east side of the capital. karl rove is joining us as well. we haven't heard from you yet today. we have the senate, the georgia results for one of the races called, we are waiting on the other one. it didn't seem to go the republicans way obviously. we had that yesterday. we have this today. let's get some perspective from you. >> it's an extraordinary 24 hours, the senate is now in the hands of the democrats. david perdue is behind in the remaining race, it has been declared yet, but the associates admitted it's virtually impossible, it would take a miracle. we have that and then we have the president giving this amazing hour and have speech in
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which he repeats the claims that have been rejected by over 50 courts regarding the election. and that he declares war on his fellow republicans, starting with his sitting vice president. declaring he thinks the vice president, louie gohmert of texas, the sole discretion to decide who the electors are representing states. think about that. that would make such a mockery of democracy if we put it in the hands of one person. the sitting president of united states. rolled that tape back, 1961, do you think vice president richard mixing having lost to jack kennedy would accept electorates from illinois and texas and give the election to kennedy? what about al gore? >> dana: i'm going to stop you there for a moment because we have some breaking news. we want to bring in chad pergram as this is developing right now. i understand the capital is now
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on lockdown. >> they have annunciator's, these u.s. capitol police devices which are stationed around the building. it went off a couple of moments ago. they're locking down the capitol complex, no one is allowed in or out. they locked down, evacuated the cannon house office building. junior members have their offices and across the street from that they have evacuated the madison library. they then reopen that building, the cannon house building and then we got word that they were asking people to stay out of the building and relocate to the rayburn building and the building down the street. these are also house office buildings. i was outside before the joint session started and they were
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closing off the plaza. there has been a radical misinformation that's been going on, trying to figure out what happened, but there is a coterie of numbers, bill huizinga coming across the street and they said, they're closing off the plaza, they're not letting anybody in. i said, even the members? they said, yes. i want the long way across the other side of the street and went that way. right now they're not allowing anybody. they're very concerned about this issue. i should point out that right now since i've been on the air, the senate has recessed subject to the call of the chair. we are not quite sure if that is because of the security issue as they go through the debate or if may be they're done without debate. you don't have to consume the entire two hour window, the house of representatives. paul gosar who is a republican congressman, he was the lead
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petitioner launching this challenge to the arizona slate of electoral. there is a lot of concern outside the building. there is protesters gathering along the cannon house office building and that is why they're locking this down. they want to keep people away from the capital so they can conduct this very important business under the 12th amendment to the constitution. this is a constitutional function in the 12th amendment, spelling out what has to happen on this date according to the electoral count, on the 6th of january and taking care of this afternoon, whether they accept or reject these votes from arizona. and potentially five other states, we are being told they might only challenge three. this is a rather remarkable security situation where you've had this thrust of people come down pennsylvania avenue from the white house where president trump was having his
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rally. and people surrounding the capital. i can count on one hand and on one or two fingers how many times i've ever seen members of congress not being allowed onto the capital plaza. they always give them the deference to come and go when they need to. that told me a lot about this severity and gravity of the security situation here. >> dana: chad, we are watching here, protesters and the rally goers, protesters, from knowing what i do about working at the capital, when you people who were up on the steps and now up on the area there that you can see, where the capitol police not prepared for that? did they get pushed by? >> that is what we were told. i asked one member, what did they do? did they breach the barricade? that is the question, we weren't sure.
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you talk about where they are, this is getting very close to the capital. i will note a couple of things, during president obama's second inauguration in 2012, a fella got up and a tree. hold up, can you give me the house floor audio? let me listen here, something is going on and the house floor. the house floor. >> dana: there does look like there is movement. >> i'm not quite sure. one of nancy pelosi's floor directors was running. i'm not quite sure why they have recessed. >> dana: let me bring in bret baier. bret baier, let's get your thoughts on this and an update for what you have. >> first of all, this is extraordinary. we don't have people that get up to the west front of the capital. you're looking at the box on the right screen, that's an area
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where people don't go. as shut down. we are hearing that the warnings are to shelter in place for the employees and the building. there you go. there is a shot of that. and to stay away from windows and doors is what the message is on capitol hill. we were told by a couple people there, a breach of a security barrier and that capitol hill police shifted over and they have kind of moved on. it does not appear violent. they are protesting there, but it's areas where people usually aren't going. they are prevented to go. you been up there. it's pretty locked down most days. at the same time, you are on arizona. we have gone through alaska, alabama, arizona is the first challenge, this is going to be a very long process today. president trump is up a 12-01
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electoral votes right now, but the challenge of arizona is what the focus is on the floor and outside, the capitol hill police, we want to get an update with what they're doing about security. we've had a a lot of shelter in place notices. it's not like a seizure, doesn't seem. it seems like they are protesting, clearly pushing back the barricades. >> dana: it looks like, as we just saw, it looks like the house has maybe decided to take a break here with those debates. i guess they figure out the security situation. martha, i believe you are still with us. he remarked how extraordinary this is. obviously there is technology that allows member of congress to see what's going on, but it's interesting to think they are debating this while all of this is happening. >> i'm stunned by the images we are seeing right now.
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there were images a little while ago, one capitol hill police officer was being carried away from the scene by some other members, he looks like he got one of those flash bangs in the eyes. there are safety concerns. at this point, it remains peaceful. it's very unnerving to see people in these spots, so close to the capitol building, especially on a day like this. they are under an enormous amount of pressure. today is january 6th, you must certify the presidential election and this has been successful in that it has slow the process down. i'm surprised they have taken a recess when they do have a lot of business to get through and we have to count on the security of the ability to keep them safe while they do their business. i don't know where they're going to go now that they would be safer than they would be in the
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chamber continuing to carry out this very necessary constitutional plaza. >> dana: we do have, the panel is stick by. we have griff jenkins. he is in washington. >> we are walking up constitution avenue. i'll let you have a look, you can see the tens of thousands of supporters who were at the rally, you can see them making their way towards capitol hill. one of the big surprises, all the people i've talked to, they got fired up listening to the president, but they're getting the reaction now because many are learning that vice president pence is not going to certify, to stop the certification. what is your name? >> my name is matt from tampa, florida. >> why did you come here? >> president trump told us we had something big to look
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forward to. i believe vice president pence was going to certify the electoral votes, not certify them, i guess this is just changed. correct? it's a very big disappointment. there are several thousand people here who are disappointed, but i still believe president trump has something else left. >> let me ask you. if indeed, and we have no reason to believe he won't be, if joe biden is inaugurated, will you recognize him as president? >> no and there are several thousand people here and millions around the country that will not. we definitely will not. >> be safe. >> you can see in stretches all the way back up to 15th and then going up here, we have seen some police activity as well, but obviously, the situation on
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capitol hill, we are going to continue to make our way up to capitol hill and see what's happening up there. it has been peaceful, everything we have seen so far has been nothing but peaceful, but they are definitely fire it up. the chance i heard the most today was, "fight for trump." that is what many feel they are doing here, protesting, we will see were the day goes. dana? >> dana: he is walking up constitution avenue as members of the trump rally goers continue to make their way up through the capital. bret baier, i believe you're still there. it is interesting what the gentleman just told griff jenkins, he came to the capital because the president said something big was going to happen and they're just finding out that mike pence is going to certify the electoral votes. i'm sure that would be a big disappointment for a lot of people that came to this rally.
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>> yeah, we are saying it's peaceful, were having a couple reports of people being injured in this breach of the security. and that there may be capitol hill police officer, we are getting confirmation. protesters have made their way inside. you're seeing the police presence increase on the outside, but there are people inside the actual capitol building, just outside the senate chamber, both the house and senate have now adjourned, pause this entire process because the security concerns. u.s. capitol police is inside the chamber and the lawmakers are told to shelter in place. there now setting up a perimeter around the capital. you see the steps they are, all those folks in there, they are people who have made their way into the building. in this environment, chad can tell you, it's usually very
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secure and intensely secure. you have to question where all that security is, but the protesters have gone through on both sides of the capital into the capital itself and that's a good shot of the steps. >> dana: to echo martha's observation, this is remarkable. these images have not been seen in my lifetime, that's for sure. chad pergram has an update. what's new? >> as brett alluded to, there is a threat inside. i can see some of the floor staff are running. you just don't see that inside the house chamber, indicating there was a concern about the threat inside the building. the house and senate, recess subject to the call, they have suspended the joint session and then the independent upper at sessions where they debate the electoral slate of votes have been suspended as well. they would only do this in the
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most extreme of circumstances. we have had some instances before when the president was here. there was an interloper who got into the building, was using an inappropriate pass, coming through the office building. got into the capital through the underground tunnels and was with the press corps when he was here. there was another person back when they were building the visitor center and 2006 who crash their car into the construction area and ran up the steps and into the capital. the house of representatives has just come back into sessions. jim mcgovern, from massachusetts is presiding and they will presume with the certification of the electoral college and the dispute over arizona. what i was going to say earlier and this is what is so remarkable, during the inauguration of president obama there was one fellow who got in the past where he needed to be and climbed into a tree and was
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yelling during the whole ceremony. the u.s. capitol police decided it would cause more of a disruption to get him out of that tree. sometimes they do give people a little bit of deference, but what you had here is people surging up from the mall side of the capital. really since 9/11 they've had that perimeter around the west front of the capital closed off for years. you just can't get that close to the capital. certainly during protest a few years ago you had people come in and do graffiti, but that was minor. back in march you had a fellow on the house side who scaled the side of the building, got up on a balcony on the house side, not far from the house chamber and where statuary hall is, the area between the old house chamber and broke a window. he never got into the building, but he was on this exterior balcony and went up the wall like spider-man.
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it's one thing to have one person do that, it's another thing to have another surge as well. i was asking capital security officials for days whether or not they were concerned about things here. the thing that kept coming back to me was the issue of a lone wolf. they didn't seem to be too concerned about the overall size of crowds. they deal with crowds on a regular basis. if you have someone who has gotten into the building where there is a threat, a device. in the 1980s there was a bomb that was exploding outside the chamber. no one was injured. they've had those instances at the capital here. >> dana: chad, thank you. bret baier, additional commentary here as we get ready to find out more about what's happening inside. >> nobody knows the history of this building better than chad.
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this is happening now and people are just walking through. the lawmakers are told to shelter in the house. as we are sitting there. i've been texting with a few of them. some of the republicans who are objecting are angry about it, saying this thwarts the entire effort, the entire message that they were going for. >> dana: i want to point out that we are seeing protesters inside the building, and the statuary hall. >> they're walking right through, it's like they're taking a tour. you can't do this day-to-day and people are, they have gone into the building and that is why both chambers are on lockdown. this is extraordinary image, extraordinary day, but you can't
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take away and subtract what the president said, that leads to this moment. the two are connected as chris mentioned before. >> dana: i also believe we have griff jenkins on his way up to the capital on constitution avenue. >> dane, i've never seen anything like this. you have the homeland security cops, come with me. come with me. the homeland security cops came down with 20 cars for reinforcement. the crowds were so thick, this gentleman here is antagonizing the police, fighting, trying to fight with the police. they seem to be pulling out or moving their position to where they are. it's very interesting, a scene we didn't see until we got within a couple of blocks within the capital. as you can see, it's covered with people as far as the eye
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can see right now. i'm not sure exactly what the police's plan is, whether this was sort of a law enforcement plan that they're trying to do and it got out of hand. excuse me sir, if you don't mind. as you can see, the anti-media folks here. as you go back here towards the capital, you can see a c of ten of thousands of people and for now, obviously you have the police that we saw here getting turned away in these thick rounds and i'm not sure exactly why. dana? >> dana: griff jenkins, thank you. chris wallace, as we continue to watch the walk up constitutional avenue, the protesters on the balcony, and now inside the capitol building is there now in lockdown. protesters inside statuary hall.
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>> the right side of your screen is really the most remarkable, the one on the left side is pretty unprecedented. someone who used to cover antiwar rallies, anti-vietnam war rallies in the 60s and early 70s in washington, you have half a million protesters, they never got anywhere close, anywhere near this close to the capital. incidentally, some of those that you can see there are on the west front. that is where in 14 days, two weeks from today, joe biden is going to be sworn in as president. that is where the inaugural stands are and that is where the protesters are. the extraordinary shot on the right side of your screen, as bret pointed out, statuary, just feet away from the house chamb chamber. and how protesters got inside,
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rather chad was talking a little while ago about the bombing, terrible incident, look at there. that is right off the floor of the house chamber. you can see a parade of protesters. back in the 80s when they had that bombing, the capital was a completely different place and terms of security. they set up the visitor center. you have to go through a long series of metal detectors and all kinds of things to get into the capital. on a day is fraught with tension as today, the idea that they are just there walking around in statuary hall, and frankly, as a result of this, the constitution and article two talks about the fact that on january 6th, congress shall count the votes of the electors. at this point, our representatives and senators are
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unable to fulfill their constitutional duty because of a security threat and a lockdown on both the house and senate chambers. this is pretty extraordinary. that is just, i have to say unprecedented certainly in my lifetime, to see this kind of display both inside and outside the capitol building at a time when congress is supposed to be fulfilling its constitutional duty to count the electors to the next president of the united states. it doesn't get much starker than that. >> dana: whenever you enter the capital, typically, if you were invited or if you had a tour, you would go through security. a metal detector, they check your i.d., it does not look like it's happening there. looks like they're just walking through statuary hall. chad pergram, congressional correspondent with an update. >> let me be clear about what has happened here, the mob has
11:35 am
overtaken the process of trying to certify the electoral college. security here at the united states capital has failed. the idea that members, protesters were able to get into statuary hall, walk around with flags while there were trying to conduct business is inside the house chamber and senate chamber. chuck grassley, third in line to the president said demonstrators were inside the building, security here has utterly failed. that's a problem. what's going on right now in the house chamber, there is no picture, the democrat's presiding. what he told members verbally, the visual feat here, he said there are scape hoods under your chairs. we presume this is for terrorism here, if there was a bomb threat, gas, they equip the
11:36 am
house chamber with those types of devices. members can put on these escape hoods and get out, they put those here after 9/11. what they told them to do is move to the rotunda, you can move there when you have protesters a couple of feet away in statuary hall. that's the main area between the house chamber over to the rotunda. that tells you they were trying to evacuate. what we don't know, where is mike pence? he ostensibly is still in the building, was presiding over the joint session which has been suspended, where is the person who is next in line? nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. we don't know. back to you. >> dana: chad, thank you. rich edson is outside. >> good afternoon. you've seen this effort to try to get to the capitol building and now you can see the
11:37 am
protesters. they are cheering and they have gone to a place in the capital where they are clearly not supposed to be. the inauguration is supposed to take place in a couple of weeks. when they got to that area, you heard the crowd erupted in applause that those folks had gotten to that point. more people continuing to approach the capital. at the beginning you had this concentrated group that was moving towards the capital. it's broken down. there are people everywhere around here. with that they are police streaming everywhere. if we can go to the left ear, there are people who are moving up towards the left side, the senate side with the office buildings there. usually you have capitol hill police, they're the ones in charge, metro police have been streaming up constitution avenue.
11:38 am
they been running in their riot gear. they been moving them in advance and moving towards the situation that's off to the left and kind of past where those trees are there. not really sure what is happening, but they are moving in a hurry over there as more police officers continue to come here. more protesters continue to come to this area. this area is awash with protesters and police officers right now. >> dana: rich edson, thank you. bret baier, human update from inside? >> first of all, we went from a peaceful protest and this is a dangerous situation right now. i'm being told these protesters on the inside or around both chambers and there is no teargas inside the capitol rotunda. members are locked inside the house, they're being instructed to put on masks. i've been in contact with some
11:39 am
of the members in the house. and i think we're going to try to get some on the phone, but these protesters are inside the rotunda and we are told there is gas or pepper gas, teargas, some kind of gas. we have gone through a different scenario, the security situation has failed and they're trying to get them in position. i think i have calling in. >> dana: you take that call and if it's somebody inside, martha maccallum, additional thoughts? >> same thing, there is teargas being used in the rotunda, members are being told to get the gas masks under their seats, the other question, where is the vice president? we were told he is rushed out of the chamber. this answers the question, i was
11:40 am
under the assumption they would be safe in the chamber, that was before we realize people had breached the building and were walking through the rotunda. this is a huge victory for these protesters. they have disrupted the system and an enormous way. i want to remind everyone with what happened earlier this week. people going to josh hawley's house, spray paint on mitch mcconnell's door, nancy pelosi's door, and we've been tracking the escalation of the spirit look at what you have now. you have protesters the capitol building and quite an incredible act that i think, revolt is not a word that can be used year. >> dana: i want to jump in here. congressman michael waltz of florida is inside on the house floor and he's on the phone with us now. congressman?
11:41 am
congressman? can you give us an update? >> can you hear me? >> dana: yes, sir. >> we are on the housese floor. we've been informed that protesters have penetrated the capital, teargas has been deployed, members have masks that are in the capital and deploying those masks and we are now being evacuated. >> dana: are you being evacuated as well? >> yes. the entire house floor is being evacuated. i want to say. this is despicable. this is not who we are as a country. we were debating this through debate and discussion from our interpretations of the constitution. members were objecting, excuse me, we are moving kind of quickly. members were objecting to people's concern, but there is
11:42 am
no place for violence. i've served and places overseas in africa and afghanistan where violence is how we solve our dispute. not here in america, we solve it through debate and discussion. i want to make sure everyone hears that. this is unacceptable and a sad day for the country. >> dana: congressman, how will they get you out of the buildi building? >> i'm not sure of. at this point we are following instructions from the capitol police who are doing in a fantastic job. commendable what they are doing, but were moving downstairs and into the basement. >> dana: congressman, thank you for calling in. president trump tweet income "please support our law enforcement. they are truly on the side of our country. stay peaceful." we haven't heard from karl rove. if you are still there, if you could give us some additional thoughts, especially about the vice president. he is still i taugh dominic a
11:43 am
constitutional officer. tell me about that process? >> so is speaker pelosi, i suspect all three of them have security details that are moving them to a place of safety. this is an extraordinary moment. we have people climbing up the exterior of the capitol building. in the footage people have climbed up off of the portico on the west side and there are no outside the windows, ten or 20 feet higher. they climbed up the wall. i agree with congressman from florida, this is unacceptable behavior. we are a democracy. we have a right to peacefully protest, but an intent to stop the actions of a constitutionally required session of the congress is beyond.
11:44 am
>> dana: indeed it is. chris wallace, maybe we can get some thoughts from you after we heard from michael waltz of florida who was in his second term. he said this is despicable, it's not who we are and he's telling us he's being evacuated out of the building. >> a couple of thoughts, to go back to what chad pergram said a wild logo, the utter failure of the capitol police to the u.s. capital, there is not a surprise there were going to be tens of thousands of supporters in washington. mayor bowser announced she was putting all d.c. police on duty. no leaves, no vacations, she called up 500 national guard. obviously the u.s. capital police were deployed as well and how it got to this situation, the shot you see a people who have been able to climb the walls, who have gotten up to the
11:45 am
outside of the capitol building and some have actually breached it and have shut down a constitutional responsibility. we assume it's going to get done at some point, but right now the duly elected members of the house and senate are being forced by a mob to leave the house chamber in the senate chamber and to stop their constitutional duty of certifying the vote of joe biden for president of the united states. it's a huge security lapse and frankly, one wonders whether president trump should do more than tweet about supporting the police. he did have this hour long rant and urged people to head down the capital and never accept the results. perhaps he needs to do more to try to get these folks to stand down so that congress, whether he likes the result or not can fulfill the constitutional
11:46 am
duties. this is a very, certainly in my 60 years covering national politics, i've never seen anything like this and frankly i hope i never do again. it's pretty disturbing. >> dana: indeed. bret baier, were waiting to hear from joe biden. he was scheduled to give remarks about the economy. obviously he will say some additional comments, so we will take that when we get it. thank you for getting the congressman on the phone. anything more to report? >> just bad news from inside. protesters inside are trying to break down the door of the house chamber which is one of the reasons the house members have been escorted out of their as you heard congressman waltz. i've been ended dated with messages from ambassadors from overseas saying the united states would be really upset at our countries had they seen these images on our
11:47 am
capitals. and they would weigh in from congress on those images. we are shocked to see these images in the united states. to chris's point, one tweet from the president about the safety of capital police i don't think is going to cut it. after the speech from president trump and a campaign in which he said he was a law and order candidate, this is anything but law and order. the constitutional process has been stopped and people are acting to put people in danger, inside the capital of united states. a totally, a total security fail and why moore hadn't been done prior to this day is going to be a big question going forward. >> dana: it is shocking that the security failed in this way. the protesters are up on the
11:48 am
inauguration stand. of course there wasn't going to be a traditional inauguration because of covid. we have john roberts at the white house. anything else? >> i went up to talk to the communication folks before the president tweeted. they all sort of had glum faces because they see what's going on. i think they're probably very concerned about it. minutes later the time i got back to the work space, the president had tweeted, a fairly simple tweet given what is going on, may be something that needed more elaboration and direction. he said, "please support our capital police and law enforcement. there truly on the side of our country. stay peaceful." this is not the first time trump supporter's have clashed with
11:49 am
police. there were clashes with them last night on the streets of washington, d.c. clashes on the steps of the capital as they tried to get up. you see them there and their high visibility coats, trying to keep things peaceful by not actually confronting the people who have mounted the bleachers there. for the inauguration, may be letting them get a little bit, the peak off their chest and then try to clear them out. as you pointed out this afternoon, we've seen lots of protests around washington, d.c. some of them peaceful and violent. of never seen a group of protesters lay siege to the capitol building quite like we are seeing here this afternoon. we will see if the president says something else about it. it would appear to be something, given the fact that these were supporters of the president who
11:50 am
supported and tens of thousands and listen to the president as he aired his long list of grievances about the november 3rd election and then sent them on their way to the capital. it seems what we are seeing is something the president might want to address with a little more direction than we have seen so far. we will see if anything else is forthcoming. >> dana: if you get anything else we will come right back to you. martha maccallum, we have the wide shot here of the capital which gives you a perspective of how big this protest is. >> we continue to get messages from people inside the building and reports that a lot of the members of the senate and house are on their own at this point and hunkered down. several of them sent back out as soon as they had an indication that there was a problem. this is a really extraordinary situation. that word doesn't seem to fit what we are watching at this
11:51 am
point. there is a lot coming across on twitter and we have to be careful about it, but so far the things we've heard have turned out to be verified. there is clearly pressure on the actual chamber and that is something they are trying to protect the sanctity of at this point in a very forceful way, which is of course understandable given the fact that people are in this building. i keep going back in my mind to rick jenkins speaking with that man on the street. a lot of this is that they were promised something. they were told today was going to overturn the election. when you hear the passion and their voices, you can understand why they're severely disappointed. we will talk a lot about whether the ideas ever should have been elevated for them. the pressure on the vice president in the past few days has been extraordinary. and now he was the first person who was ushered out of that
11:52 am
chamber to safety because he's owned or an enormous amount of pressure for the decision he made and the expectations that so many of these people had for what he was going to do. by yourself and who she was in this moment. very frightful time to be sure for him. >> dana: bret baier, back in 1995 when i first came to capitol hill as a junior staffer, one of my jobs was to give tours and i loved that job. that building mean so much to our country. it's so beautiful and at such a symbol of all we stand for. i do hope anybody inside takes care to not destroy anything. >> that's what i want to update you on. one, we should be careful. the capital police shoul are doe best they can. no police force could stop a crowd like this. when we say it was a security
11:53 am
failure, we should point out it's a political failure, that has come to this point. the specifics i want to tell you about, there are images inside the house chamber and there are efforts to break through the main door to the house chamber and the window to that door has been broken. and there are images of capital police with their guns drawn pointed out that door inside the house. this is the door by which the president walks down for the state of the union address. we've seen it many times when the house comes out and announces the president. the windows have been broken and surrounding those doors with their guns drawn to protect the house chamber. this has not happened in america. it's happening today. it's happening, it's a sad scene frankly. it's not overstating it to say this is a major failure overall
11:54 am
for the country. >> dana: chris wallace, i'm trying to think ahead with how does this end? >> well, i think at some point they're going to regain control of capitol hill and regain control, it sounds amazing or even saying these words, regain control of the house and senate chamber and they will go back to the certification of the electors. an interesting question as we have pointed out, the objectors led by about 140 in the house and a dozen, 13 or 14 in the senate led by ted cruz and josh hawley talked about objecting to as many as five or six states. you know, the so-called swing states starting with arizona. and a process given the fact that there is two hours of
11:55 am
debate allowed and then particularly in the house with all the crowds and covid it takes an hour or so to vote on each one of these objections, it could take three or four hours. you have six states, three or four hours, even i can do that math, were talking about the possibility of 24 hours. i wonder if this will shut down the objections and having done one or two, they feel like they've made their point and go on. obviously they can't, they can't begin again until they regain control of the capitol building and once they do, i assume they go forward with article 2 of the constitution which calls for the certification of joseph r. bid joseph r. biden jr. as the president of united states. >> dana: griff jenkins, you made a point after you interviewed the man from tampa,
11:56 am
they were promised something. right before president trump tweeted about supporting the capital police he said this on twitter. "mike pence didn't have the courage what should've been done to protect our country and constitution, giving states a chance to certify, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones that they were asked to previously certify. usa demands the truth." griff jenkins with an update? >> i want to tell you that the sentiment in the streets is getting to a different level. what is happening here, as you can see all the way up the hill, the police dealing with the capital, but here this is a trump supporter rv, i'm asking them now, listen, are you okay with what is happening? this is spinning out of control,
11:57 am
this is turning violent and getting dangerous. you are very much a group put together of military and law enforcement. one gentleman says he's a veteran and he's very upset. what did you say your name was? >> i'm from charleston south carolina. >> the situation has gotten violent. they can't get it under control. is this okay? >> no one hears being violent. >> the capital was breached. >> wait a minute, you say the capital is breached, whose house is that? that is weedy people. that is the united states of america capital. >> inc. you very much. dana, i'm talking to the people and obviously they're very upset. back to you while i deal with the situation here. >> dana: thank you. congressman, you been evacuated i believe, can you give us an update from where you are?
11:58 am
>> i'm not going to say my location, but i'll tell you it's a mess out here. i hear a lot of rounds of ammunition going off. this is a disaster. i just heard the person he interviewed saying this is the people's house. this is the people's house. we do think as a democracy, with order, we don't do stuff like this. it's insane. the president's tweets have been insane. the president needs to show readership right now. bring out the d.c. guard so we can go forward with our constitutional responsibility. this is nothing short of an attempt to take over the government. >> dana: congressman, did you see any of the protesters breached the capital? >> no. not from my perspective from where i was. i have a lot of friends i've been texting with who were there. i am in a different area.
11:59 am
they are afraid. we have these emergency procedures and escape hoods, we never thought we would have to use them. we never thought we would especially have to use them because people consider themselves republicans, which is not a republican value. >> dana: the protesters who were there who are obviously very upset about the general election results and mike pence's decision today that the vice president of united states, to have a message for them? >> we don't live in russia weird we don't live in a third world country. we live in the greatest democracy of the world and the thing that allows this democracy to work is an understanding that there is a process. just because conspiracy theories are put on twitter does not meet in fact that the election was stolen. it doesn't mean congress has the authority to unilaterally make a different decision. if you are outraged, and i was up said, that's what you make a
12:00 pm
case and you convince people to vote for your side. we are not what we are seeing today, this better stop, leaders at all levels need to condemn this action. >> dana: adam kinzinger, thank you and stay safe. i believe bill hemmer is taking over here. >> bill: good afternoon, everybodiry from atlanta. it's 3:00 where it's all gone sideways. you're watching the capitol building on lockdown. supporters of president trump flooding the building. reports that protesters are in the senate chamber. there's some photos online of some protesters on the dias with their fests in the air shouting "trump won the election." one of the most critical times


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